Glossary of Forestry Terms

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Access road - A temporary or permanent road over which timber is transported from a loading site to a public road. Also known as a haul road.

Advanced regeneration - Trees that have become established naturally under a mature forest canopy and are capable of becoming the next crop after the mature crop is removed.

Aerial photogrammetry - Interpreting information from aerial photographs.

Aerial photography - Photos taken from the air at regular, spatial intervals and used in photo interpretation to provide information about forests and landforms.

Age - Mean age of the trees comprising a forest, crop, or stand. In forests, the mean age of dominant (and sometimes codominant) trees is taken. The plantation age is generally taken from the year the plantation was begun, without adding the age of the nursery stock.

Age class - Any interval into which the age range of trees, forests, stands, or forest types is divided for classification. Forest inventories commonly group trees into 20-year age classes.

Artificial regeneration - Establishment of the forest by planting or direct seeding; Renewal of a new stand of trees by planting seeds or seedlings by hand or machine.

Aspect - The direction toward which a slope faces.

Azimuth - The horizontal angle or bearing of a point measured from the true (astronomic) north. Used to refer to a compass on which the movable dial (used to read direction) is numbered in 360°.

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