Dispositions Since Inception

Total Acres
1.5 M+
Total Value
As of 6/30/23
  • Recognizing Opportunities

    Our portfolio managers and transaction specialists are constantly executing sales and Hold-Sell analyses that are a key component of our active portfolio management strategy. Timberland sales are executed if the return from selling becomes significantly higher than the projected, risk-adjusted return from holding the property for timber production. By leveraging our experience over the past 30 years and our network of brokers, active buyers, appraisers and other industry participants, we can maintain a constant feel for the market and know what buyers are out there for properties of all sizes. The knowledge and experience required to consistently make sound decisions on when, where and how to sell a property is a core competency of FIA.

  • Seeing the Forest—and the Trees

    While a primary focus is to return cash to clients through regular timber sales and other income generating activities, there is more to managing a working forest. FIA’s portfolio managers work with our foresters, analysts and other specialists to identify and create value-added opportunities related to natural resources, including recreational leases, conservation easements, mitigation banking, and carbon trading. In addition to working forest attributes, there are other complementary uses to generate cash from forestland, including telecommunication tower leases, wind farm leases, and road and utility easements.

  • Delivering Maximum Value

    FIA understands that when we acquire large timberland properties, some tracts or parcels may have a higher and better use than growing trees. Our experienced team works hard to identify these opportunities and prepare them for the market so future buyers will see their full value. These steps can involve anything from putting in roads on potential recreational properties to taking the first steps to obtaining entitlements on future development tracts.