FIA’s annual sustainability publication is more than just a programmatic update on our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies and objectives. It describes the why and how of our approach to ESG and impact management as a forestry investment business. In the 2022 ESG and Impact Report, we explain how FIA’s sustainability and ESG programs support our mission through contributing to the sustainability of the forests we manage, supporting investment performance, and enhancing our engagement and services to our clients. Being a long-term investor in the forestry sector, FIA recognizes that managing ESG factors is crucial for risk management and value creation in forest management, and our annual report explains the governance and implementation of our approach to ESG as well as shows the outcomes of this work in practice.


FIA is also proud to share case studies in the report that showcase real-world outcomes and activities taking place throughout the FIA-managed portfolio. Each case study addresses one of the six FIA ESG Principles and discusses projects and activities undertaken throughout 2022. ESG management in forestry is a dynamic and ongoing process, and we are excited to feature our team’s input and views on conservation projects, research initiatives, and how we collaborate for better environmental, social, and business outcomes. We hope you enjoy the report, and we welcome your feedback on the report and the activities and outcomes it describes.

Download the 2022 ESG and Impact Report